Innovation Space is a Space on Wheels

WheelsSelf Organizations is about enabling mobility. So we bought cheap tractor chairs – with wheels of course. Also construction scaffolding with wheels for our  TV screen – defying in the process the convention of locking students to location – for their safety and well being.

Sitting still for long hours was  thought to instill discipline – now regarded as unhealthy. From sitting is the new smoking.

a 2013 survey of nearly 30,000 women found that those who sat nine or more hours a day were more likely to be depressed than those who sat fewer than six hours a day because prolonged sitting reduces circulation, causing fewer feel-good hormones to reach your brain.”

Education based on a factory model requires sitting. But then, it was found that such a system along with its factory model was deficient in developing creativity – but very few researchers attribute that to Geo Locking.

Moveable Space Can Ignite Creativity in the Classroom . 

They talk about Innovation Space too. Innovation Space is about setting students free – to explore what they wish to explore. Wheels do help.

Peer to peer tech support

TechSupport One of the interesting aspects of running Innovation Space is the dilemmas that we face every Thursday as we do our best to adhere to the guidelines of the Department of Education. We have a list of students and a teacher marks thier presence.

But every now then, we have unauthorized visitors – mostly students (who have signed up for other offerings). I  am never too sure how to handle such visitations . Since we claim to to be Self Organizing Learning Environment (SOLE) should we be reacting negatively when the self organization defies our own sense of organization ? of course I do not approach the school admin with such questions.

I figured, that some one had self organized a “lap top opening event” . I just learn t that there is significant student interest in interchanging hardisks.

Why Nerds Win

At innovation Space I have the pleasure of working with nerds. Not that they all are, but some definitely are.


Mainly because they appear to be looser and generally perform significantly worse in most measurable indices. They are blessed with a mental condition expressing disregard, arrogance and doggedness that appear to work against them. It makes them annoying.

It is their annoyance that give them the very space time and tenacity to lock on to passions that gets them in trouble with their peers, parents and teachers. But in that very state that they create for themselves unusual abilities. They explore dumb possibilities which turn out to be not so dumb. They create value, companies and jobs and employ the very people who did so much better than them – to do their bidding.

Nerds win.


Designed for travel


Innovation Space chose to buy el-cheapo bar stools, tractor chairs  and construction scaffolding for furniture – of course with some controversy.

We were keen to create a place both funky and flexible. But did not plan for travel. This is the second time our furniture is traveling to the Royal Adelaide Show and we are happy that much of what we bought has wheels.

Innovation Space travels nicely.

Extreme Learners

Extreme learners are powered by technology. They harness a fast-expanding world of knowledge that is increasingly at their fingertips. They know that learning now can be done anywhere at anytime.

as defined by the Institute of the Future.

We clearly have some extreme learners who fit the bill  in Innovation Space. More importantly we have evidence of what they have done and able to do with extreme learning. They clearly demonstrate their ability to out-learn those who mentor them.

Innovation Space is most definitely about Extreme Learning.